When it comes to watching your kids, you know who to trust.

Start a babysitting co-op with TimesFree today and you can forget about paying for sitters!
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Why pay for sitters when you can
start a babysitting co-op
with parents you trust?

When you share with friends using TimesFree, you know your kids are in good hands.

Share with friends

When you share babysitting with TimesFree, you choose who joins your co-op – and whose offers of sits you accept. Only share with parents you trust, and set your own rules for who can join.

No more sitter worries

Instead of looking for sitters online and worrying about rates, background checks and availability, get together with parents you know. TimesFree's smart matching technology makes it easy to plan your schedule.

Save over $1000 a year

How much did you spend on babysitters last month? How many times did you stay in because you couldn't find one? Just think how much you could save if you shared sitting for just 2 hours a week - it's a win-win!

TimesFree is made families on the move

We know how busy you are, so our app is designed to fit right into your life. It's your village in the palm of your hand!

Start sharing with friends you trust today!

It only takes moments to start a group and invite your friends. With TimesFree you could be enjoying free sits and building a stronger community. Best of all, running your babysitting co-op with TimesFree is absoutely free!
So why keep paying for sitters?

Start Sharing

Invite friends

As soon as you create your babysitting co-op, you can invite friends securely using email or a text message straight from the app.

Post a sit request in seconds

Instead of writing emails to ask who can babysit for you, just open TimesFree, post a request and let the app take care of it!

Stay connected

Send messages to other group members, and get email and push notifications when your requests are accepted.

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Want to know more about how to start a babysitting co-op?
Wondering whether a co-op is right for you and your family?
Or maybe you're looking for tips on how to get your friends on board?
Take a look at our easy guide to starting your own co-op with TimesFree!

How does a babysitting co-op work?

For decades, smart parents have been getting together to organize co-ops to share sitting responsibilities, and save money. Instead of paying strangers to watch their kids, co-op members agree to trade babysitting time, using a points system rather than money. Sounds great, right?

When they work well, babysitting co-ops can save their members thousands of dollars. But there used to be a lot of administration needed to keep a co-op running, and if the organizers got the rules wrong, a group could even experience an "economic crisis!" Co-ops used to need at least one member to act as the secretary, recording all the sit requests and contacting members by phone or email to arrange sits.

TimesFree is made to take care of all the secretary's duties, and our smart matching logic makes sure everyone has enough tokens to book a sit when they need to.

See what TimesFree can do for you

Stop worrying, start sharing. We make it easy.

Share with people you already know and trust.

TimesFree isn't a marketplace or message board - you're never sharing with strangers, only people in the groups you create or join. Only group members can see and respond to your sit requests, and even then you can choose to review any offers for sits before you accept them.

TimesFree takes the hassle out of sharing, so you have more free time to enjoy.

You've probably read about babysitting co-ops that use paper tokens, poker chips or online spreadsheets to keep track of sits. With TimesFree you don't need to worry about administration - our app takes care of it all.

Effortlessly share requests to a Facebook group or email list.

Are you already part of an online group for your neighborhood, church, or school? With TimesFree you can start a co-op and integrate it seamlessly with your existing connections: share a sit request or invitation with a couple of taps and start getting more from your community.

Get notifications when a friend needs help.

When you post a sit request, you can choose to send a notification to other group members who might be free to help. You can set your schedule so you only get alerts that match your availability - and you'll how many people might be available before you ask.

No math. No arguments. Just easy sharing.

With TimesFree it takes no time to record a sit, and there's no need for a secretary to record transactions - everything happens right on your phone. You'll even get a reminder when a sit is coming up! And don't worry - if you make a mistake, group admins can adjust points if needed.

Stay in contact with your group, without leaving the app.

Chat with your friends.

TimesFree has a built-in private and group chat room, so you can arrange sit details, meetings and playdates in moments. You can send pictures, too!

Email notifications and reminders.

You can choose how you get alerts when someone in your group sends you a chat message, needs help, or accepts your request. Choose to receive emails for the events that matter, discreet notifications to your phone, or just check the app.

Help that's there when you need it.

TimesFree makes it a breeze to run your co-op, but if you ever need help figuring something out you can browse our easy to follow help pages. They're available anywhere in the app.

We'd like to talk.

Got a question about setting up your babysitting co-op? You can send the TimesFree team a message from the help screen, and we'll get back to you right away. We'd love to hear your feedback too!

Get our guide to starting your own co-op