Our Favorite Apps for Time Management

Good time management skills are important for many reasons, but they are also directly linked to success. When you manage your time better you will complete projects faster. Since clients like to have projects completed in a timely manner, this increased your chances of pleasing the client and gaining them as a loyal client.

Better time management can allow you to move on to new projects sooner. When you can take on more jobs due to your great time management skills your business will flourish. You may even find you’re able to take more time off for yourself. If you’re interested in improving your time management, you’ll the following resources valuable.


Trello can be used for many types of projects, whether you are working on them alone or with a team. The fun and user-friendly environment allows you to list your projects separately and break down the individual tasks. The tasks can be broken down into what must be done, what’s currently being worked on and what’s completed. An interactive tutorial helps you get started.


Harvest time management app helps you to track your time on your mobile device. Whether you are setting up for an appointment or checking your messages, you can track your time, so you don’t get caught up on something that puts you over your acceptable timeframe for those tasks. You can also keep track of other team members time management.


Todoist app allows you to make to-do lists, checklists, and other types of lists. You can also set reminders and track your tasks and time to help you stay in the necessary time frame you set as goals.


The MyLifeOrganized app allows you to outline various projects and tasks. You can also set location-based alerts, so you know you are taking care of everything you need to when you are near the appropriate areas for doing so. You can also make use of the graph that lets you know where you are at with your projects. The custom views option lets you see your tasks in the order you want.


RescueTime tracks your time on your computer or mobile device. It runs in the background and helps you see where you are wasting time. It also lets you set time management goals and even has a distraction blocking feature to help you stay on task.

Remember the Milk

Remember the milk allows you to create lists and keep track of tasks. You can share your list with other team members and assign certain tasks to them. The program also syncs with all your devices, so you can keep track of everything even when you are away from a device or computer.


Each program above brings great things to the table when it comes to helping you with time management and completing tasks efficiently. Now that you see just how much help is out there for time management, you can make use of them to help you improve your time management skills.