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Swap sits with parents you trust.

TimesFree is the best way to start a babysitting co-op for your community.

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Trusted families

TimesFree gives you total control over who joins your babysitting co-op and who you swap sits with. You can even require identity and background checks for new group members.

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Keep track of swaps

When you swap sits with TimesFree, we keep track of who’s sitting for who, and for how long, using a simple points system. It’s just like a traditional babysitting co-op.

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Sit when it suits you

Our smart matching and scheduling features make it easy to arrange sits, and let your friends know when you need a sitter.

How to stop paying and start sharing

For over 40 years, babysitting co-ops have been helping families save money, get out more and stay connected.
Now TimesFree makes running a babysitting co-op simple.

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A plan for every community


Our Friends plan is perfect for sharing with a small group of families you know well.

  • Up to 5 members per group
  • No identity or background checks
  • Unlimited sits
  • Free forever
  • No ads



For larger babysitting co-ops, our Neighborhood plan gives you more control over who can join. Expand your circle of sitters – without compromising safety.

  • Up to 30 members
  • Identity verification by Onfido
  • Sex offender check (US only)
  • From $5/member/year


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We offer tailored plans to schools, churches, voluntary organizations and other groups, designed to meet your community’s unique needs.

  • Unlimited number of members
  • Multiple groups
  • Enhanced background checks
  • Import your membership list
  • From $300/year

From $50/month

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Babysitting is better with TimesFree

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IOS Native App
Mobile-friendly web app
Swap sits for free
Background checks
Smart matching
One-tap sit timer
Push notifications (iOS)
Annual Cost (per member) From $5 $109 (plus sits) $99 (plus sits) From $5.50 Free (beta) $15
Group Cost (15 members) $149 $165 Free (beta) $225

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